How Tech Is transforming the Health Sector

Constant evolution

The history of medicine, just as any other field of knowledge, is marked by a tendency to evolve and develop in time. This growth isn't linear or constant. Sometimes human knowledge decreases instead of increasing, often threatened or destroyed by war, cultural conquering and even the fall of an entire civilization. However, we can say without any doubt that right now we are at a historic time when medical knowledge moves forward at high speed, with new discoveries taking place every day in laboratories around the world.

The development of medical science has been accelerated by technological advancements in other sectors, especially communication and computer aided data analysis. With communication technology like teleconferences and massive data transmission through satellite networks, researchers can work together from different countries in real time and share their discoveries in a matter of seconds. The whole planet has become a research community where knowledge is exchanged and mutually potenciated. Read More...


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